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Is everything psychosomatic?

In the following you will find an article about the Sensory Motor Bodytherapy according Dr. Pohl, first the abstract in HTML, then the full text in PDF.

Is everything psychosomatic?

Summary: "Psychosomatic illness" is the most common medical diagnosis in modern-day Germany. Unfortunately, this is no more than an exclusive diagnosis, declaring simply that no medical explanation for the complaint could be determined. The patient affected often feels totally misunderstood, since the complaint from which he suffers is a reality and is experienced physically.

The solution in such cases is a new way of considering physical and psychological processes. Contrary to perceived wisdom, in the case of psychosomatic illnesses there is also a physical diagnosis to be made. It is simply not to be found where it is sought by conventional medicine and psychology, but rather in the musculature and connective tissue directly under the skin. Sensory Motor Body Therapy according to Dr. Pohl® consistently approaches so-called "psychosomatic" complaints with physical treatment, resulting in the simultaneous disappearance of both condition-related anxieties and depression.

pdfIs everything psychosomatic?

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