Pohltherapie - Sensomotorische Körpertherapie nach Dr. Pohl

Neck pain

In the following you will find an article about the Sensory Motor Bodytherapy according Dr. Pohl, first the abstract in HTML, then the full text in PDF.

Neck pain

Summary: Following a survey of several misunderstandings with regard to neck pain and its associated complaints encountered frequently in conventional medicine, we will consider an alternative explanation of long-term tension of the musculature and connective tissue. This sort of permanent muscular contraction is the cause not only of the malfunction of the neck, but also of certain patterns of bad posture observed throughout the entire body. The origin of the most common postural problems, whether emotional, through injury, habit or as a result of external factors, is dealt with in detail.

The successful treatment of neck pain by way of Sensory Motor Body Therapy according to Dr. Pohl® includes the manual treatment of the relevant tension in the whole body, as well as the training of conscious understanding of the workings of the body and the exclusion of any pertinent external factors. Exercises with which the patient can compliment the therapy in his own time are also explained.

pdfNeck pain

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