Pohltherapie - Sensomotorische Körpertherapie nach Dr. Pohl

Anxiety and depression

In the following you will find an article about the Sensory Motor Bodytherapy according Dr. Pohl, first the abstract in HTML, then the full text in PDF.

Sensory Motor Body Therapy against anxiety and depression

Summary: In contrast to the purely psychological and pharmacological explanations for anxiety and depression, alternative reasoning is investigated here. The cause of such conditions lies most frequently in the physical malfunction of the musculature and the connective tissue directly under the skin. In particular, the long-term contraction of the breathing musculature is principally responsible for anxiety and depression. Techniques applied in the practice of Sensory Motor Body Therapy according to Dr. Pohl® are demonstrated, through which muscular tension is relieved, leading to the disappearance of the related psychological complaints.

pdfSensory Motor Body Therapy against anxiety and depression